GIS in Real Estate: Integrating, Analyzing and Presenting Locational Data is the seminal book on the application of GIS technology to commercial and residential real estate. The 200+ page book has been available from The Appraisal Institute since November 1998.

After a Forward and a Preface, GIS in Real Estate devotes two chapters to an overview of GIS, the technology's relevance to real estate, and the benefits enjoyed by practitioners. The next two chapters explore a broad spectrum of GIS case studies in commercial and residential real estate-including brokerage, mortgage underwriting, institutional investment, corporate real estate, etc. Chapters 5 through 7 focus exclusively on GIS in appraisal, both in traditional appraisal assignments and in new areas such as automated appraisal systems. The next chapter covers the basics of implementing and maintaining a GIS, including software, hardware, data bases, personnel, and so on. The last chapter forecasts the future of GIS in the real estate industry. For further information, Appendix 1 offers the Web sites of leading GIS software vendors, data sources, service providers, glossaries, periodicals, and conferences. Finally, Appendix 2 provides full-color GIS maps previously referenced throughout the book.

In addition to serving as overall editor, Gil Castle wrote the Preface and the chapter on GIS applications in commercial real estate. The other authors of the book are:

GIS in Real Estate can be ordered via or directly from The Appraisal Institute (875 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60611-1980...312-335-4100). The price is $30 for Appraisal Institute members, $35 for non-members, with significant discounts available for multiple-copy purchases.